Well the 18th March came around real quick the last 6mths were hectic organising the details, but the day finally came when we drove out the drive way & turned left sunset in the rear vision mirror. So follow our blog let us know if you enjoy the trip as much as we are it will be a fun time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The road will get rough so tighten your travel mug lid

 Once the shops opened & we restocked with some food then set up camp at the show grounds where we could leave the van so we could go out to Elquestro on the Gibb River Rd. Not being able to find the button that transforms the cruiser into a camper Josh & I went about transferring our camping gear the old fashion way manuallyJ . Setting off mid morning the next day the first part of the Gibb is being tarred, then we hit dirt just before Emma Gorge turn off, it is part of Elquestro where there is camping so we stopped at the entrance for lunch sausage sangas beside the road, 16km into the camp ground where we booked in for 2 nights the pricing for the tent site (dirt) & passes for the gorge walks was $360:00 when we got up & started to crawl away to call 000 the nice lady behind the counter said she could do a family deal, that’s fine just don’t let that big bloke give me mouth to mouth. So he helped us up & propped us up to the counter then she proceeded to reduce the price down to $120:00 for 2 nights I am sure there was a hidden camera somewhere so they can watch people’s faces over a few beers that night. As we got to our site the cruiser felt a bit strange in the rear yep we’ve got our first puncture (this trip) so while camp was being set up I did a repair to the tyre.

Elquestro Gorge
 The next morning we walked Elquestro Gorge in the cool it was sensational a real tropical atmosphere, the water in the gorge was cold but that didn’t stop the kids swimming. The next walk was Moonshine Gorge it was in full sun & the walk was on river rocks so 1km into the walk we turned back to swim at the water hole. That afternoon we drove to Pigeon lookout then to Saddle back lookout for sunset, there were fires burning around the hills & a lot of dust in the air so there are some amazing pictures of the sun setting. Back to camp for a feed & get ready for the next day. 
Elquestro Gorge
Emma Gorge Falls
 Packing up the next morning we stopped at the thermal pools for a swim then back tracked to Emma Gorge. The walk in was great the boulders were starting to get bigger to climb over but once at the end of the gorge you can swim under the water fall so I hit the water & it was icy a very quick swim around the rocks to a thermal pool was in order, I might add everyone else walked to the thermal pool over the rocks, with some convincing Josh & I swam out to the falls, the water was so cold under the falls it was like someone sticking pins in your skin so back to the rock pool where we sat for half a hour to warm up. Walking out we passed quite a few people coming in so we did the right thing & let them know about the thermal pool & swimming around the rocks was the only way to them J. By the time we got back to the car it was lunch so a bite to eat & were off again, as we came to the Pentecost River a few vehicles were stopped so a quick chat & photos we crossed the river it was flowing fast but only about a foot deep, climbing up from there the views back were great so we stopped at the lookout for photos then continued on. About 20km down the road the cruiser had a moment & waged its tail... hmm that didn’t feel right so we pulled up Kylie yelled out the left rear is flat... BINGO the right rear is flat as well both rear tyres at the same time how lucky is that. I managed to repair the right rear & put the spare on the left but the tyres are buggered so we decided to turn around & head back to Kununurra to sort out tyres. Late afternoon we drove towards Wyndham to find a camp spot but the ground was rock, not real friendly to tent pegs so we ate at the lookout then drove back to the van from which was still 100km away.
Emma Gorge
moonshine Gorge

 The next day after a good nights sleep I went & bought 4 new tyres & kept the 2 tyres that were ok for spares. We decided to leave the cruiser set up as a camper & tow the van to Derby via the Bungle Bungles & come into the Gibb from the other end.

Pentecost River

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