Well the 18th March came around real quick the last 6mths were hectic organising the details, but the day finally came when we drove out the drive way & turned left sunset in the rear vision mirror. So follow our blog let us know if you enjoy the trip as much as we are it will be a fun time.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Put out that camp fire grab your travel mug & billy where back on the road make a coffee first

  After nearly 8 weeks in Isa cramming my feet back into work boots my work cloths seem to had shrunk travelling in the van & losing the tan on my feet it’s time to get moving again. We all had a great time in Isa met a lot of nice people Kirsty & Joshua worked long late hours at their jobs, Clare kept busy she found a dog ( Mick) 2 vans up from us & walked him several times a day he was a lot like Lou in his personality so he fitted in well, I am sure he’ll miss his walks & sun baking during the day while Clare was doing her school work. The land cruiser got some of those repairs that didn’t get done before we left we finally have air conditioning as were about to head into cooler weather so that will be fun. 

 The 1st night after leaving Isa we met up with my parents at Camooweal beside a billabong were we stayed for 2 nights. Yep I can smell the border from here it’s finally coming we’re out of Qld tomorrow, it’s been 3 months since we left Brisbane 1 more sleep.

  THERE IT IS yelling from the back seat it’s the NT border yep their pretty excited as well a new adventure across that line in the sand. We stopped at the border & took the monitory photos under the sign looked back & waved. Another few hours of driving smoko & a lunch break we stopped at a camp that is now only an old bore on the edge of one of the local communities. The cruiser developed a vibration so a bush repair to the rear uni joint should get us into Tennant Creek the next day. That night Josh lit his customary fire where people came from the vans around us for a few drinks, nibbles & stories were spun about their travels, they all retired for the night around 7:30 we finally had some tea by the fire. Around 8pm that night a cruiser pulled up by the fire a couple of young fellas got out (1 was my age he was really young) from Tennant Creek they were on their way to work on the community behind us they saw our fire so they stopped for a chat for 2 hours, they brought their own fire wood & beer J  it’s amazing that people just stop for a chat, we have learnt so much from listening to others life experiences & how they live life in the bush.

  Stopping at 3 ways the next morning & saying goodbye to Mum & Dad they were heading north & we off to Alice. We got the cruiser to Tennant & bought a couple of uni joints then decided that we would keep driving & I would do the repairs that night. But just outside town the vibration got worse so back into Tennant were a local tyre company let me use their back paddock & work shop to replace the uni joints. Seems strange working in Tennant again I worked here 24 years ago so that makes me umm 30 J

  That night we camped at the Marbles around 100km south of Tennant Creek the kids spent most of the afternoon climbing all over the rocks, then we all watch the sunset on top of the marbles. Josh set up his swag under the awning for the night it was going to get quite cold over night it got below 10 deg & windy. While we were cooking tea there were dingos running around all the camps, there were probably 30 vans set up for the night. Later that night Josh had a dingo scratching at his swag (I guess the dingo wasn’t that hungry) he heard them howling all night while we sleep all night without hearing anything. The next morning a dingo strolled down the middle of the camps stopped at the sights that were cooking breakfast & sat down in the sun & waited for scraps when he didn’t get fed he then strolled onto the next camp this was his morning routine & was very relax with everyone coming up to take photos of him. After breakfast we left for Alice Springs.

  Get ready for the next post as the next week gets very adventuress so keep the camp fire blazing & the billy hot.   

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